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How It Got Started

Continuing My Grandmother's Legacy

Many years ago, my grandmother sat down with me and taught me how to sew. Shortly after, she helped me choose a machine, which I still have to this day. She spent hours helping me learn and teaching me how to make doll clothes. As a 10-year-old, one of my favorite things to do with her was spending hours in the fabric store sifting through fabrics and flipping through patterns. To continue her legacy, my goal is to help you to learn to sew through my tutorials. I will post weekly tutorials on my YouTube channel starting in October. Until then I hope to add fortnightly videos. By checking out my pattern reviews, you won't need to waste your fabric on patterns that don't work or aren't worth the effort. I hope to give you tools to learn to sew affordably to continue my grandmother's legacy. I focus on budget-friendly DIY, upcycling, and mending. For when you don't have the time to do it yourself check out my shop where 5% of sales go towards a nonprofit. You can follow my journey on Instagram @katy.sews and subscribe to my YouTube channel Katy Sews for sewing tutorials. By staying updated, you could get the chance to be product testers! Product testers help by giving feedback.  Subscribe to my mailing list to see my creations and receive free sewing patterns that I've made to help make sewing more accessible for those who wish to learn.

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